Sammydress in Waves and Paradise

Traveling has been the focus of my
mind the past few weeks after my Caramoan trip. After figuring out if I am going
to re-brand this blog, I have decided to stay on the combination of lifestyle
and travel niche. This is my personal blog and I started this just because I
love taking OOTD’s years ago. With so many things that I did to keep this blog
running, it is not the right time to stop. I am not even thinking of that.
Whatever you can see on this blog, I worked hard for it.
Okay so let’s forget about being
emotional about re-branding and focus the attention on this cute 
Trendy Spaghetti Strap Hollow Out Zipper Design Romper from Sammydress. I already
worked with them in the past and this is the second time of our collaborations.
When someone from them contacted me about it, I immediately said yes because I
have proven the quality of their clothes. Do you remember my previous post
about it? You can go back and read it here.

This romper is perfect to wear for
casual summer days and since I love traveling, this one is going to be my beach
and travel companion. I pack almost everything I own and it can be a little
problem when packing with different pieces to match with the other. This one is
a life saver because it’s like wearing a shorts and a top in one. I can’t
really wear every day for now because the weather is starting to get colder for
ber-months. So what I did is I think on what to get to layer it with other
fashion pieces from them and this denim jacket is just too perfect.
I like wearing romper because they
are comfortable and you won’t have to think of any other pieces to match with
it because it is good to go. I love the intricate details of this blue Trendy Spaghetti Strap Hollow Out Zipper Romper because
it looks so chic and elegant. The best footwear that I can pair with it can be
flats and platforms. Since I still don’t own any platform shoes and sandals, I
choose this gray flats. The back of this romper is so sexy. The strap designs
are mesmerizing and I can take it off and on easily because of its zipper lock
at the back.

 I chose this color because to me and
my travels, it symbolizes the deep blue water in paradise that I seldom see for
real. The breath-taking landscapes created perfectly are one of the best
treasure to cherish when I grow old. This one fashion piece can be great to
pair with the picturesque view of nature. Fashion and travels are my passion
and writing them both on this blog makes me happy. Sammydress never fails to offer interesting
pieces made with high-quality materials and stylish cuts. If you’re looking for
the best clothing provider online, I highly recommend that you check their


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