made different quick decisions for this year and I think it’s time to write
this update. I am writing this not to brag or whatever but I am writing this
because I just want to express my emotions through words. I am not good at it but
I am trying. I put it on different categories for you to truly understand.
is the major topic here. I don’t know but I think I can’t really call my past
jobs as real career. My first job was for a burger chain company doing Accounts
Payables task for two and a half years and I decided to quit not because I
can’t do the tasks but I am not happy doing that job anymore. After that, I
went on a vacation for months without savings. (I don’t really know where all
my money goes when I was still working) I also worked as Cost Accounts
assistant at a real estate industry for three months. The next job is all about
doing Accounts Payables task again in an Automotive Industry for six months. I
didn’t include any other short term jobs. 
after that, I now have this situation in my life where I have to choose to quit
again or accept the job that I’ve been praying ever since I was in grade
school. It is all about writing but working in an office again makes me feel
uncomfortable again. I feel pressured. I still have some time to think whether
I should accept it or not. I am currently working as a freelance web content
writer for fashion websites but I only earn a few dollars with it. I feel happy
anyways. I can work whenever and wherever I want. If anyone of you can give me
an advice, please do it. Should I continue doing freelancing and make it a full
time job or stick to a day job?
biggest event that I’ve been was for the Creamsilk Transformations event which
was happened last January 23, 2016. You can read all about it at www.thestyleberry.com
favourite lipstick right now is the San San Lipstick that I bought last month
which was on the shade of reddish brown. I also love the BYS freebies that I
got from the Creamsilk event. It has a big Nude eye shadow palette, pink beauty
blender, eye pencil in gray, eye brow palette, lip color palette and silver
nail polish. I will do a separate post about it so stay tuned.
am not really a fashionable type of person but still, I like wearing
comfortable pieces with an affordable prices. Everything can look good
especially if you pick the right colors and sizes for yourself.
of this month, there will be no travel for me but it depends on my decisions
about my job. I already had a booking confirmed for Boracay this coming August
but before that, I have to plan where to go next this coming summer 2016. There
will be also a travel bucket list post after this.
from blogging, I am into self-studying about SEO writing, some HTML and web
designing. I think I can get more out of this instead of focusing myself into
social media rants. I just like to read more about how other people get a
successful life by doing freelance jobs and managing their own websites.
think that’s all for now and I am hoping for more blessings to come. How about
you? Any life updates? I will be happy to read it so don’t forget to write your
links on the comments section below.


  • Wow! I'm glad that everything falls into places Zane, I just wish you would be able to figure out which one is best for you, just a little piece of advice settle with something that will make happy. I'm on my 4th year in the government and so far I'm actually doing great in here but right now this job alone won't be able to sustain my baby's needs. I need to get an extra job in order to provide her a good life, being a single mom really is difficult but fulfilling. Anyways, I really hope you'll be able to find which job will suit and can make you happy aside from earnings you get it's important that you are HAPPY. Congrats for having a beautiful blog Zane, Good luck on which career to pursuit. 🙂

    Rica | http://www.sassycebuannachic.com

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