Happy New You 2015!

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Hi sweet readers! So Today’s the fifth day of January 2015. This is it. Today, I posted my first every post at my new blog. Before I give you the link, I just want you to know why I made a new one. Well, as you can see I’ve been blogging since 2012 and I feel like I haven’t achieved anything from this. Honestly, I can tell you that I feel like giving up sometimes. I don’t know why I am still doing this but to the fact that I realized lots of things such as, I love writing then my mind says  big NO. NEVER STOP. This is my passion. I am not that good writer, my photos aren’t that clear compared to other bloggers, I don’t travel much, etc. There are lots of excuses but I am doing this. This is what makes me happy. This is my life and I love sharing it to those who can appreciate it. Too much for this emotional thing, so here we go.

Today I wrote my first ever post for THE STYLE BERRY. I named it because I love the color red,  like the smell of strawberries and whenever I look at it, it reminds me of a heart. It is all about DIYS. Yes I am planning to do some DIYS to share because I want to share my talent (okay, let’s call it talent) about crafts, painting, cooking… (I might post some recipes) everything art related.
This new blog of mine is different because I want to really work for the photos that I am going to post for it. I may do some make-up product reviews, a little bit of tutorials and occasional make-up look. 
Okay so this is it. I decided to create this first blog of mine because I was inspired with the people of www.lookbook.nu I am talking about fashion. I admit, I am not a real fashionista  who knows a lot about styling, clothing combinations, branded things. I am warning you. I am not into that. All I am going to share is my versatility. I dress for comfort, on what I can afford and settle for it. Well, who doesn’t want a branded and expensive clothing? I want. Honestly. We’ll have time for that but as for now, expect my cheap yet affordable clothes. That is no big deal.
I love adventures so starting this year, I’ll be more on visiting places. Where to go first? Explore the Philippines, take photos while on a tight budget. That’s really cool and exciting so I want you guys to be with me on this journey. 
Okay, you may think that I am not going to post on this anymore but I assure you that this is not my last post for this blog. There are lots of good things to come. You never know. This is my first ever blog and I am not going to let go of this. I might not be posting on a regular basis but its because of my work, personal life and having fun hehe!

So thank you for taking some time to read 🙂 Cheers to a new year of success!


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