Random November

Hello my loveleees! I just dropped by just to say hello and say how are you all? I am in the middle of something which I call “work” and suddenly I remember all your faces and lovely comments.

This is how I look like most of the past few months. Hehe, back to my wavy hair and lipsticks.

As usual, I’m still loving cats and nobody can ever change that. By the way, this kitty is ChooChai. My sister gave that name to her when she was still a kitty. She had lots of troubles when she was a kitty. (Pwedeng pang-MMK ang buhay nyan)

A little fact is that I broke my Black Smart Phone so I am back with my white Samsung. My got to go things, skull print mirror, Hand Sanitizer and Vitress for my hair.

Oh well, I miss my best friend hehe. He’s a little thin here compared to what he really looks like now. You can follow him on Instagram if you want. His ID id @itsmartinfernandez.

Babush! Love you all!


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