I love this quotes from Idlehearts! I just kinda relate with this one forever. So this post isn’t about fantasy but it’s all about reality. I’ve been out for a week and there’s a lot of good things happened. The good news is, (I don’t know when) I am going to be home soon! I miss everything about the city where I took my college degree, I miss my family and friends!
I’m not that excited though. I got some reasons. I really hate moving and moving to different places, make friends and be separated with them but this is life, everything’s gonna change. So there’s no point of expecting that everything will be permanent.


Zane took BS Information Management and currently working as Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager for different clients overseas. She travels, take pictures and read books during her spare time and love writing random topics on this blog. Check out her Instagram account @zanesaria for more photos!

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