Three Day Sale

It’s the season to go shopping! (Oh, I mean window shopping!) I went out last Saturday with my office mates to see what’s going on with the leading mall’s three day sale and I can tell you that there were so many people shopping for their favorite pair of shoes, clothing and other items that have been on marked down prices.

I’ve been wearing my favorite pair of comfy slippers, a brown skinny jeans and body hugging t-shirt I got from Tribal a week ago.
 I bought something too from the Three day sale and I’ll tell you something about it on my next post.
I’m loving brown and dark colors nowadays. Well, I don’t know why.

We had a nice dinner that night and the food was great. We eat out at Chowking. Yeah, if you’re from Philippines, you’ll know what I’m talking about and from those who are from the other country, Chowking is a favorite and well-known Chinese restaurant here. They have those crispy and juicy fried chicken, veggies, canton and my favorite halo-halo. (Got no pic, I ate it all hehe)

I had a nice Saturday! 
How about you?


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