March HairCut and Way to Success

 It’s March 2014! I am so excited for May (Oh yeah, that’s 2 months from now) because I’m turning 24. I’m still all about finding myself, what I really want and keeping my faith to success. I have figured out some of what I really want in life but it’s kind of incomplete yet so I’ve decided to start something new and ways to attain my goals and objectives in life.
As a start of this month, I looked on the mirror and I realized, I want a haircut. It’s not a new haircut anyway but I want a little trim because I think my hair ends are getting dry and dry as the grow longer. Here, take a look at my hair ends. I didn’t changed the color of my hair. I just want a short inch cut to remove the split ends.

Before I forget to tell you guys, I am going back to my Home City because I am getting and sorting some of my documents that I may be needing for future purposes. I realized that if I want some changes in my life, I really have to move forward and start doing something for it. And, (okay I’m not yet finished) I have to tell you that I really miss the flowers in front of out house like these. (Look at the photo below) I remember my childhood memories with my grandparents when I see simple things like these.

The flowers are refreshing. Old days.

Okay, back to my hair. Here’s the look after I went to a Hair Dresser and had my hair trimmed.
What do you think?


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