Question MArk + Essentials

Let’s talk about how I used to look whenever I am too lazy doing some efforts and just staying inside the house. Since the weather here in our country (Philippines) is not that really cold compared to other countries, I used to wear some shorts and a t-shirt. (It’s my everyday uniform).

I wore this yellow t-shirt and the old floral shorts while I’m spending my vacation at my parent’s house.

I love the Question Mark print on it which matches my nails.
Effortlessly and lazy stay-at-home lady is what I’ve been trying t explain. (So you see)

On my previous post, I also mentioned that I’m loving BB Cream these days and I also bought some new essentials to use as a start of the year. I have that PH Care Intimate Feminine wash and Skin White lotion in Papaya Milk. I really love the smell of that lotion!

I used Kojic Acid Soap for as my everyday bath soap and Creamsilk Stand-out Straight conditioner for my hair.
For my face, I bought a cotton balls and an Eskinol Ice Pore Minimizing Toner.

 Happy Monday! Always smile, be thankful.


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