What’s Inside my Sling Bag?

Today, I will show you the things I usually have inside my sling bag every time I go out for about an hour like just going to a mall or watching movies with friends. (For an hour) When I go out for a whole day, my bag is kind of bigger that this and more things are inside of it.
Take a look below.
I got this bag from a certain Korean Store here in Tarlac City and one thing I first noticed about it was that gold circle design in front. I like gray colors because it’s so simple yet classy and you can pair it with most other colors like brown, and blue.

I also added my little pot style, sparrow designed and strawberry key chain where I bought from my last visit at Baguio City to add some colors. (I love KEY CHAINS. I have some small collections in a drawer.)
Let’s go on the things I have inside my bag.
Yes, I got two cellphones because I use the first one with pink cover for my social networking sites, work and surfing the net while the second one in blue jelly case is for my family. So simple yet handy, I like these phones. I don’t go out without phones.
I have this blue cellphone pouch way back my Hometown. I and my close friend have the same colors and style so it’s a kind of having a sentimental value for me. I put my Samsung Champ inside it. I like the heart design by the way.
I also have my Avon brown lipgloss,  Penshoppe cologne spray, Breath mints and my favorite light green comb. These are my essentials. I can’t go out without these.
I also have this pouch where I put my chargers, coins and hair pins.
Lastly, I have my wallet with me always. I don’t have to explain, you know it already amazing people. ๐Ÿ™‚
How about you? Can you tell me something about what’s inside your Sling bag?
Advance Merry Christmas.


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