Long Weekend, Random SUNDAY

Have you missed me my dear readers? I miss you all. Here I am again and let’s talk about some things I did today.
 I don’t know if it’s appropriate to include my selfie picture 🙂
Nothing, I just want you all to see me in my cozy pajama. Yes, I am
always in pjs almost every night when I go to sleep.

When I was younger (grade school days) I
love watching some anime and here I am again wanting to go back to those
times but really can’t that’s why I want some of these cool figures.

Another thing is I always eat alone. Eat alone, being messy and stay cool. Lol.You know what restaurant is this, don’t you? I love the chicken and potatoes. Sorry for the messy stained napkin.

A view from where I ate this morning. You noticed the electrical wires? Haha, Oh yeah could be perfect without those.

Way where I walk everyday.
You having a nice weekend dear readers? I hope so..


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