Green, Corn and Food Chains I Like

Happy Saturday everyone! Vanity stroked me again last night. πŸ™‚
My favorite color is green but I don’t usually wear green because I kinda feel that I look like a tree. (Well, just for me hehe forgive me) I took these photos so I can see myself in green. Apple green.
I am a Filipina who eat street foods, and walk alone. See this? We have lots of these sweet boiled corns nowadays. I bought one and it’s so big and sweet.
Yeah, I do love fast foods. (Of course I can cook, it’s just laziness sometimes so I order when I do have some spare money haha!)
Do you like KFC’s Chicken?
….McDonald’s Burger?
or our very own Jollibee’s Spaghetti? Haha, I love them all.
Well, I just posted these photos because I can remember my boyfriend telling me that I’m going to turn into a Chicken if I eat always on these food chains. πŸ˜€ (Baby, I’m not because I order different kinds. Lol.)
For a change, I wanted to say thanks to my best friend for giving me a basket of Avocado. (You’re so sweet my dear!)
 Hope you’re having a cool weekend my dear readers.
Btw, We in the Philippines are having this long weekend because on Monday, it’s NATIONAL HEROES DAY.
So I better relax like this! (My Uncle’s Dog) Haha..


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