Color Combinations

Let’s talk about accessories. Today, I am wearing these simple yet I see it as cute accessories. This fox necklace is from Efoxcity, and I love the simplicity, gold colors and the cute little spakly stones.

I also have violet beads DIY charms with my multi-colored bracelets. It’s so colorful and I love every color of it. 

It’s sooo perfect for my black and some colored patterned dress I bought last month in a certain dress shop near my place.

The fox necklace really is perfect in almost girly outfits such as proms and cocktail parties. Speaking of prom, I remember I didn’t attended any (haha, yeah it’s freakin’ true) that is why I imagine myself being a high school girl with these beautiful and affordable prom dresses.

I really love dark colored dresses. I haven’t remember any formal party wearing brights so If you’re having the same taste, you can check out these cocktail dresses


Do you like purple too? I love the details of this one and I think the texture is nice and comfortable to wear.

I’m sure you love these girls from gossip girls (don’t you?) Look at the dress on Blake Lively, I’m so glad that Efoxcity has one. Black and nude colors is fun and looking great combinations.
What are you waiting for, girls? Let’s hurry up and do the “whoops kerri whoops” surfing and shopping time! (*big grin*)

HAve a nice Saturday!



                 *sponsored post by EFOXCITY*


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