Some Nice Things in May

I have visited a nice place which I spent some nice and beautiful things years ago. I know this place may not be here forever but I like having time to revisit it again. I had captured some of the things I saw there that made me remember Yesterday’s bonding with SMILES, LAUGHTER and FUN.
Old drum set which made me realized that when I’m in deep frustration, anger and pain all i need is the two pieces of drumstick and get lost in playing even though I don’t know a lot about different variations. Feeling great afterwards.

Old tambourine which allows me to look back to the old singing and enjoying times.

A proof of being here. I walked and put my feet again on this place.

Some things may be not good before, but suddenly when time goes by it will bloom and change for the better.
I did went to my friend’s house and have these:

Teyleur, sleeping again on the table. Ohhhh what a relaxing day 🙂
When you’re from Lucena City, you know that the best part of summer is the tiangge days and the banderitas which means a lot of fun soon.

I never skip some of my favorite fruit shakes during May. And this is new? A dragon fruit shake!

Ube and Chocolates are the best!

After sunset street. Blue sky and this is where I am.

So after sunset, we’ll go to the carnival and play some games with prizes. 🙂
And watching some kids to take their first-time carousel rides 🙂


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